Our History

MindShift Financial was formed for the sole purpose of educating and empowering clients to create their own generational wealth by becoming  their own private family bank. Chris Gardner has worked in the financial sector for over 15 years and previously owned an insurance company. Upon his own personal discovery which led to a major financial transformation, Chris sold his insurance company and founded MindShift Financial.  MindShift Financial has walked everyone from college students to multimillionaires through this amazing process.

How we work

We are here to educate and consult clients to better use their money and see it work for them.

We offer several tools for education and interaction and will never press anyone for sales. We have enough clients asking us to help them that we do not need to be obnoxious and heavy handed.

So no fear! This site is dedicated to educating and empowering you to find your best path to generational wealth.

What do I need to get started?

  • Education (that’s why you’re here)
  • A plan (you can get that here as well)
  • Initial Investment (we will show you how to find the money)

Where do I start?

There are several tools on this site to help you with the education and planning. If you’re completely new to the Family Banking concept, then we would encourage you to start with this free video here.

If your already familiar with the Family Banking concept, and would like to move to the next step.  You have two options:

  1. Click here to schedule your private live one-on-one webinar with Chris, or
  2. Contact us at 469-215-7422.
Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

Founder & C.E.O.

chris-and-iLike many people Chris did not grow up in a “privileged” family. Instead Chris was raised to work hard, help people and save every penny he earned. For 15 years Chris built his successful insurance company. However, Chris realized that there was still something not right with his money. How he made it, spent it and even saved it.

Following many of the mainstream financial gurus Chris struggled to find a better way. Finally Chris discovered what is now popularly known as Private Family Financial System. It wasn’t long before Chris began to see the benefits of thinking differently about money and gleaming wisdom from experts such as Nelson Nash. Upon his own personal discovery, which led to a major financial transformation, Chris sold his insurance company and founded MindShift Financial.

Today, Chris is an author and nationally sought after speaker who works with thousands of people just like you, revealing the secrets to building your own private family bank.

With a clear focus on education instead of selling Chris has revolutionized how thousands of people understand money and has personally walked entire families from debt to generational wealth.

chase-and-chrisWhen Chris isn’t educating he is always on the look out for a new adventure. Kart racing, scuba diving, you name it Chris lives by what he teaches. Be wise with your money now and live life to the fullest.

For Chris, leaving a legacy of generational wealth and knowledge is the goal for his family and for yours.